Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two more kitchen inspirations

I really, really wanted to use old barn wood somewhere. I had played around with the idea of putting it on the soffet above the cabinets or the front of the breakfast bar. I didn't think I could find enough for the soffet an I didn't want the boys kicking the wood while they ate at the bar and knocking chips of paint onto the floor every morning. So I thought "what about the base of the island?"

And then I saw this:

And it totally sealed the deal! (and how awesome are those stools?)

This was the pic I found that gave me the faith to keep the arched cabinet fronts. I really wanted some glass fronts and this pic proved that it could be done and look good! I can't wait to see it all come together!


I've finally decided! Thanks in part to this pic:

Concrete countertops it is!

At least on the majority of the tops... Island and breakfast bar will be stained butcher block. Over the washer and dryer will be stainless steel.

It's gonna be great!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My first auction!

My grandma Edna Mae's best friend Daphine passed away recently and her family was holding an auction at her house. Daphine was like family to us. She was at most family gatherings, holiday celebrations and was a member of our tiny Presbyterian church growing up.
I really wanted to go to the auction and planned on getting one or two things to remember her by.
Well, I came home with a truck load!!!
I had never been to an auction and had so much fun! Her house is just across the street from the rental, so super close to the farm. On the day of brad, g and I walked over at 9:30 and got our bidder #. Then I stayed all day! Brad and my mama came and went with the baby and I stayed watching the fun. There was a food truck and I hung out in my tailgate chair under the big oak tree bidding away!

Just a few of the things I got...

My very first item ever bought at an auction...a $2 glass pitcher:

Six sets of antique floral sheets!!!

A couple of "variety boxes". On one we wanted a pair of s&p shakers and got stuck with a box. Then on another I wanted the stainless steel bowls an got stuck with all of this:

This side table was like $3 bucks:

These lamps were $5 each. I thought ma might want them or the lake but she doesn't. Any takers?

Now these chairs!!! These were the one thing I really really wanted and had to wait around for all day. They are gorgeous!!! The upholstery is in perfect condition and they are gonna look perfect facing each other next to the sofa in the little sitting area of the dining room. I thought I was getting off so lucky when I won the bid at $80...but they meant EACH! Oh well, I really wanted them!

Brad finally drug me away at 2:30 but I had such a fun time! Thanks Mama for coming with me!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The tub.

Oh geez. Brandon's main goal for our shopping extravaganza was the bathtub. But after I stared at the hundreds of choices at home depot (on the floor and in the special order catalog) an couldn't decide on one he realized that he was in trouble. I am just no good at making decisions on a whim like that and I like old tubs...but I hadn't been able to find one yet and it was time to find one. We looked at 2 other stores and then visited Jetta as a last resort. It's a manufacturer in Edmond that specializes in whirlpool tubs. We didn't want a whirlpool and our space is very limited so we were searching for a deep tub to make up for the lack of luxury in length and width.

Jetta didn't have any that I fell in love with but that had one (read: only one) that would work with the space. The pros: it fit, it's made in Oklahoma, and it was in stock. The cons: it's fiberglass, new, over budget, and not that cute. But we got it.

Maybe after a few soaks in this deep tub and I'll forget all the stress of deciding on this thing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

An we are in (town at least)...

Yesterday we picked up the truck at 8 and immediately started loading it. Jack, Trent, and Ash came to help and we didn't stop until 1:30! The guys were so helpful and could literally carry huge, heavy stuff in the 92 degree heat (and 100% humidity!) without a single complaint.

We didn't let Ash lift anything (she is pregnant with twins!) but she did hold Genevieve for hours at a time so I could help a little!

We were about 1 1/2 hours behind schedule so we didn't have a chance to get too sad as we pulled away for the very last time. The boys were just so excited to get to Seminole that they could hardly stand it.

Without taking a break we headed straight to the rental house where we had helpers waiting on us! Shannon and her son Collin were there and Matt, Candy and Brooks soon joined as did Billy's son Trevor. The guys got the truck unloaded while I tried to direct traffic (that goes in...that goes to the barn for storage...repeat...) It was confusing. We unloaded that last box about 6 pm and were beat. We took the truck back, I made us some sandwiches and we watched Sherlock Holmes on our laptop in bed at the farm.

This morning Brad left for OKC at 6:30 because yes...there were 3 things that wouldn't fit in our big a@@ truck. Man, we have too much stuff! He was back by 9 and I was already at the rental with all three kiddos unpacking boxes.

We worked all day only taking a break to take the boys to the farm for a nap and by 5:30 pm I had every box unpacked and even the 4 framed pics I brought to the rental on the wall! This simple living thing is great!

When we were done brad, g, an I headed over to the farm so I could cook the guys a father's day breakfast smorgasbord for dinner. We watched the first half of the thunder game and then headed home for our first night in our newest home. We put sis down in her very own room and the boys are in their room reading books to each other.

I'd say everything is going just fine.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our temporary home!

I'll post more when we get all of OUR stuff in there!


We were seriously cutting it close with finding a rental. I kept jokingly telling everyone we were homeless, but really we were about to be. Ever since our house sold so quickly, we have been in kind of a shocked state thinking about what to do until our new house is ready. We really had no expectation that this would happen as we really though our house would still be on the market come October. Thank goodness it won't be but finding a very short term housing option isn't exactly easy in a town of 5,000. But after we searched the Internet, met with 3 realtors, asked around, drove around, toyed with the idea of living in a camper, looked at surrounding towns and even started the process of buying a foreclosure, we still hadn't solved the problem of where to live come June 18th! We had decided we'd have to spend the summer at the lake house until we could find something and them out of the blue the most perfect solution literally fell in our lap. I called my dad's closer at the office to ask her to keep her ears out. Five minutes later she calls me back to tell me that my dad's secretary is moving out of her rental THAT Friday! As in the DAY before we needed it! I asked if we could come see it, and it was absolutely perfect. She has kept it so clean and so nice and it could not be a better deal. And get is .3 miles from the farm. Yep. POINT 3. And even better, the landlord is a friend of mine and he is giving us an awesome price, no deposit, AND month to month lease.
I know. It could not be better. And all of this just happened the week before we were gonna be homeless. It's crazy. I keep telling my mama, "I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop" because all of this change has happened in the most incredible time house, new job, sold house, perfect rental. It's all too good to be true.
We'll be there today!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The pantry door

I'm thinking I want to do something a little different on the pantry know to mix things up a bit!

Something like these:

Screen, glass or something else? I'll just have to be on the hunt...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bought some lights

I spent all day Thursday and Friday shopping with Brandon. It was fun and hard at the same time. Our first stop was home depot where we bought some lights.

Got this pendant for over the kitchen sink:

Got three of these metal lanterns got the laundry chrome though.

And these industrial cage lights? Love 'em. Got three for over the breakfast bar!

Yeah for finally making a decision!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

More lights!

Man I thought lowes had some good ones...check out the cute ones at home depot!

This one for over the kitchen sink?

Love like four of these in this shot!

Pretty cool...maybe too nautical though?

Love both of these!

Really love these!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dining room tables

We are gonna need a new dining room table for the house. As much as I LoVE the square table that brad built for me 5 years ago, we both agree that a square table just won't do in our long rectangular room. Don't worry...the table won't be scrapped. Gaga has claimed it! ;)

Brad enjoyed building it so much he wants to try his hand at another one. I am envisioning a very aged, extra long farmhouse styled table.

Here's a few I've seen out and about:

Love the yellow base on this one.

Perfectly aged top with the planks going in different directions!

Love this fading paint job.

Sawhorse legs? Definite maybe!

Easy peasy shabby painted base.

Love this old butcher block table I found in okc. It has a metal base which is unique. Too high for a dining table but I liked it for a possible vanity. I thought the price was a bit steep bit if it comes down to the deadline I might go snag it if it's still there...

Inspiration for the Office/guest room

Thank you so much b/f/f Lis for 3 things...
1. Being my best friend
2. Having an incredible mother-in-law
3. Taking me to visit that awesome mother-in-law in Phoenix 6 years ago where we got to stay in her awesome office/guest room that had this awesome built in Murphy bed that I swore I would someday copy and have in my own awesome house.

Oh oops and
4. Thanks for sending me pics so I could show my contractor! ;)

Our plan is to put the Murphy bed on the west wall with the library panels covering it and then have the built in bookcases flanking the bed and cover the entire wall.

Thanks Susan for your creative mind! You really are amazing!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hall Bath

I decided to change up the design in the hall bath a bit after my friend Micca sent me this pic and I fell in love:

We actually have barn siding left over from the big red barn makeover last now THAT will be going on the walls painted bright white. Still on the hunt for some sort of table for the vanity but have been for awhile and haven't found anything just yet. Also, we decided to carry the wood floors into this bath as well. It's at the end of the hall and we like the continuation. It's gonna be so great!